Abiding by the Plant Quarantine System

Procedures and Norms

Inspection and Packaging

Plant Quarantine regulatory measures are operative through the “Destructive insects & pests Act, 1914 (Act 2 of 1914)” in the country. The purpose and intent of this Act is to prevent the introduction of any insect, fungus or other pest, which is or may be destructive to crops.

Thorough inspection of the products before the shipment if requested by the buyers.

Quality and Safety Inspection provided with Phyto Certificate.

Our products are packed as per the rules set by APEDA


Postharvest treatments generally consist in cleaning, selecting, grading, and packing of the fresh produce. 

To ensure proper ripening of fruits such as Mango, we provide the facility of Hot Water Treatment via Packed Houses.

We also serve screening through irradiation treatment for our fruits.

We also provide Vapor Heat Treatment if insisted and asked by the buyer.